Yellow Party Theme

image of yellow daffodilCelebrate spring and hopefully the start of the sunny weather by hosting a


 It will cheer you up after the long winter nights.


Use thin yellow card or paper as a basis for your invitation. Either design on the computer & print off as an A4 sheet or fold in half & hand-write the details. Alternatively, print out our daffodil invitation & write the details on the back.

baby chick in egg for yellow party


As with any theme, introduce it into as many aspects of the party as possible without going overboard but don’t feel you have to rush out and buy yellow plates & cutlery. Accessorize & add other colours to make life easier for you. Green & white can be included in the colour scheme & the yellow added using napkins, candles, flowers, place cards & balloons.

If including green in the colour scheme, foliage is very versatile & can be used as part of the centre piece or trailing over the table. Arrange around yellow candles for an attractive table decoration; just remember to keep an eye out that nothing catches fire! A small posy could also be laid on each guests napkin with place card attached.

Ribbon is another versatile material since it comes in such a range of colours. Opt for just one colour or maybe try 2 or 3 different shades of yellow tied to glasses, picture frames or foliage.

For larger gatherings, tie helium-filled balloons to a long length of ribbon & tie the other end of the ribbon to a purse of sand or salt. The balloons will then hover at the required height. Always group balloons in odd numbers for greater effect.

yellow pary decorations


Ask guests to come wearing at least one item of yellow clothing so that they tie in with the theme. It’s amazing what you can find at the back of a wardrobe or cheaply at a charity shop if need be.


Dinner Party:

Individual corn & mushroom quiche served warm with lambs lettuce

Lemon sole in a lemon & creme fraiche sauce with spinach
Saffron rice with pine nuts
Roasted yellow peppers, onions & courgettes

Lemon flan
Cheddar cheese (or any hard yellow cheese)
Green grapes

Bowl of lemon bonbons or yellow Smarties


Corn & mushroom quiche
White dips (tsatsiki, sour cream & chive, cheese) served with mini corn, yellow pepper & cucumber slices
Yellow pepper & cream cheese dip
Coronation chicken
Saffron rice salad with yellow squash & courgette
Roast mini potatoes
Egg mayonnaise with cherry tomatoes
Baked brie with corn chips

Lemon flan
Lemon souffle with chocolate sauce
Banana cheeesecake
Cheese & biscuits

Bowl of lemon bonbons


Lemon Vodka or Limoncello
White wine
Home made lemonade
Dessert wine


Spring – Vivaldi
Morning, Peer Gynt Suite – Grieg
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
Yellow – Coldplay
Yellow River – Elton John
Big Yellow Taxi – Bob Dylan/Counting Crows
The Yellow Rose of Texas – Elvis Presley
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Brian Hyland/Timmy Mallett
Yellow Submarine – Beatles
They Call Me Mellow Yellow – Donovan
Yellow Brick Road – Eminem
Yellow Bird – Chris Isaak
Tie A Yellow Ribbon – Manfred Mann
Yellow Beach Umbrella – Bette Midler
Forever Yellow Skies – Cranberries
Mellow Yellow – Donovan

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