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Under the sea headingunder the sea party fish picturesUnder The Sea Party


The sea is a place of wonder & fantasy. There are mermaids, fish, dolphins, shipwrecks & pearls, all in an array of colours. It is a world so different from ours & so vast, that we do not fully understand it & mariners tales still exist.





Cut out a shell or fish shape in card or thick paper & get your child to colour one side of it in. Write who the invitation is to on the coloured side & the party details on the back.

Scallop shell template for under the sea party

Fold a piece of thin coloured card (yellow or blue works well) & draw & cut out a scallop shell using the fold of the paper for the hinge of the shell. Use our scallop template to help you. Draw lines on for the shell details. Glue just the top of a picture to the top inside shell so that the picture hangs down when the card is opened. Write the party details on the opposite face of the card.







under the sea party scallop shell invitation

under the sea party mermaid invitation





Under the sea party decorations
Cut out strips of green cellophane or crepe paper for seaweed & get the children to colour in fish & under the sea party balloonsshell shapes cut from paper. Use to decorate the walls of the party room or hang from the ceiling. Wall stickers are also available. Hang up blue & green balloons or special ‘under the sea’ balloons with pictures on. Drape blue sheets & netting over unwanted furniture.

Use the starfish template & octopus template to create colourful bunting. Print out on coloured paper or paint & decorate yourself. Punch two holes & thread raffia ribbon through.

under the sea party octopus templateunder the sea party starfish template







For the table, use the Under the Sea range of plates, cups & napkins as shown below from Party Packs 

Using clipart, create an under water picture with mermaids, bubbles, fish etc – there are some very cute pictures available from www.scrapbookingmad.com. Include the guest’s name, print & laminate – stationers such as Staples provide a laminating service. These can then be used as placemats & going home presents.

under the sea party placemat


shell pasta
fish fingers or Young’s fish-shaped Flipper Dippers
peas & sweetcorn

or use biscuit cutters for fun shaped  sandwichesunder the sea party fish themed biscuits

If going for a cold spread, put a selection of items in a party box for each child to avoid wastage.

jelly with fish shape sweets (Fizzy Fish)
ice cream
shell-shaped biscuits sandwiched together with icing with white Maltesers or Minstrels as pearls. You can always use round shop-bought biscuits.

use cutters to create sealife biscuits & decorate with icing.





picture of under the sea party themed cake

Cover the cake with blue icing & decorate with green strips of icing for seaweed. Use cutters to make fish & starfish or The Natural Confectionery Co ‘Surf’s Up’ sweets & arrange swimming through the seaweed.


Alternatively, use a doll to create a mermaid sitting on a rock (see picture) & decorate with icing & The Natural Confectionery Co ‘Surf’s Up’ sweets. I should have used more sweets around the front of the rock but I’ll leave the artistry to you!

under the sea party mermaid cake



MERMAID – wrap a length of shiny material under the sea party mermaid cartoon around the legs allowing space for the feet and manoeuvring. Ruche another piece of material to form a tail & attach to the bottom of the first piece, at the back. Wear a bikini or crop top & make a necklace out of shells. Carry a mirror & comb & wear hair down loose. Wear leggings under the tail or take clothes to change into if games become hard to play.


                       Find me at www.scrapbookingmad.com


under the sea party octopus picture




PARROT FISH – wear brightly coloured trousers or leggings & a bright long-sleeved top with a colourful t-shirt over it. Use wire to create a dorsal fin, cover with material, attach ribbon & use to tie around the waist & chest. Stand with hands on hips to create fins (a piece of material can be sewn between the arm & torso).

DIVER – a nice easy one for children that aren’t too keen on dressing up. Wear shorts & a t-shirt & complete with a snorkel, mask & flippers. The accessories can then be easily removed for games.




Split the children into teams such as mermaids, shells etc. Get them to find pictures of sea – related items that have previously been hidden around the house/garden. Award extra points for any pictures found of their own team name.


Cut fish shapes out of paper approximately 12 inches in length. Divide the children into teams & give each team a fish & a newspaper. On the word ‘go’, a person from each team has to move the fish across the floor by flapping the newspaper behind it. They must not touch the fish with their hands or feet. Once they reach the end of the room or designated area, they then hand the newspaper to another member of their team who must then flap the fish back across the room to the next waiting team mate.


Turn off as many main lights as possible for this one to make it harder & just keep wall & table lamps on. Beware of young children who may find this a bit scary!
One person goes & hides whilst the rest count to 60 (or longer if required). At the end of the allotted time, the others then try & find him or her & join them in the hiding place once they have done so (making sure they haven’t been seen by any of the other children). Try & make sure that the children spread out around the house & don’t all hunt in one pack.
The game continues until there is only one searcher left. If the children are young, it may be kinder to let them hunt in pairs.


A variation of musical chairs but using A4 pictures of sealife placed on the floor for the children to dance around & then try & sit on one when the music stops.


The children sit in a circle facing inwards. Choose the names of 3 fish & go round the circle giving each child the name of a fish in turn – shark, plaice, haddock; shark, plaice, haddock etc. Call out the name of a fish & each child with that fish name has to get up & walk clockwise around the outside of the circle. If you say ‘the sea is rough’, they need to jump round, if you say ‘it’s getting rougher’ they need to run, if you say ‘the tide has turned’, they need run in the opposite direction & when you say ‘storm’ they have to run back to their place. The last one back is out & can either sit with you or stay in the circle facing out.


Bury small ‘treasures’ such as chocolate coins, shell beads (Early Learning Centre) & sealife croc charms (ebay) in a tub of sand for the children to find. This could be preceded by a treasure hunt with clues with the final clue leading to the sand hidden in a treasure chest. Any finds can be part of their party bags.


Decorate small boxes available from craft shops with foam sealife stickers like these from Baker Ross or get the children to decorate their own paper party bag.

Image of craft boxes

under the sea party starfish pictureunder the sea party cartoon fish


There are some lovely sealife party bags & boxes available or why not try something more unusual to hold the goodies such as a bucket or sealife mug?
Ideas shown here include:

The Natural Confectionery Co ‘Surf’s Up’ or Haribo’s starfish or gummy candy Clown fish sweets packaged in cellophane bags & decorated with ribbon.

Pencil with fish topper – Wilkinson
Pencil with fish eraser – Party Packs
Sea life biff bat – Party Pieces
Small notepad – Party Packs
Chocolate fish – Party Packs
Sealife stamp with kaleidoscope – www.purplepuffin.co.uk
Fish jump ups – Party Packs
Walrus & penguin stamp -Wilkinson
Sealife stickers – Party Packs
Chocolate coins – Chocolate Trading Company
Clown fish wind-up bath toy – ebay
Croc shoe charms – ebay
Sealife bubbles – ebay

under the sea party bag

party bag

Other ideas are:

fortune telling fish
magic growing fish in tank
clown fish shower gel
dolphin mini paint by numbers
ocean activity book  – Toyday Traditional & Classic Toys

Not enough time? Take a look at these available from Party Pieces:









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