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                       1 – 8 March

Put your feet up for a bit this week & raise money at the same time. Time for a Cuppa is an annual fundraising event run by Dementia UK. It raises money to provide families with care & support from Admiral Nurses.

There are currently over 800,000 people in the UK living with dementia, and this is expected to increase to 1 million by 2025.  It can be difficult and emotionally tiring for everyone involved and often people find themselves in the role of carer without really knowing what to do. Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who provide families with an understanding of dementia and give them the tools and skills to deal with challenges effectively. They also provide psychological support to help family carers carry on caring for their family member. In 2015 there were132 Admiral Nurses in the UK, increasing in 2016 but Dementia UK want this to ultimately, increase to 1000.  Their aim: everyone who needs the support of an Admiral Nurse has access to one.

To hold your own tea & cake event, visit the Time for a Cuppa website for information & to register. They’ll also send you a fundraiser pack to get you started. It’s a great way to raise money & a chance for you to socialise & chat to family & friends. You can also find tips & ideas on our Cakes for Charity webpage.

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