St Patrick’s Day Party

Image of Irish flag

St Patrick’s Day

17th March

Born in Roman Britain at the end of the 4th century, St Patrick was kidnapped at 16 & brought to Ireland as a slave. After 6 years, he managed to escape but later returned to Ireland as a missionary, then bishop, spreading Christianity to its people. By the 7th century, he was known as the patron saint of Ireland. He used the locally growing 3 leaf shamrock to explain the holy trinity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit & hence this plant became associated with him & later became the national flower of Ireland.

St Patrick’s Day is observed on the date of his death & celebrated not just in Ireland but in countries all over the world where the Irish have settled. Originally a religious feast, celebrations now also take the form of parades, dancing, drinking Guinness & generally embracing all things Irish. Watch out for the leprechauns!

St Patrick’s Day Invitations

Print out the shamrock template onto green card & write the party details on the back. shamrock image Perhaps our mischievous leprechaun invite is more your style? Print him out onto white card.  Leprechaun image



Lucky four-leaf clover designed invitations are available ready printed from Honey Tree Publishing.


St Patrick’s Day Decorations

Green is usually the predominant colour for St Patrick’s Day celebrations but can be teamed with white & orange to replicate the Irish flag. Loosely plait or twist streamers of crepe paper together in the 3 colours & attach around the room in a scallop effect UUUUU. Finish off with green balloons.


Image of green balloons Image of green crepe streamers

Use the shamrock template to make wall decorations. Print onto green card, cut out & attach to the wall with blu tac. Or tape onto a length of string or ribbon, alternating with irish flag printouts, to make bunting. If you don’t want to make your own bunting or decorations, check out the decorations at Party Packs & Party Pieces.   .


Shamrock swirls for St Patrick's Day














Image of green table confettiFor a dinner party, decorate the table with green candles, green napkins & table confetti. Use mini cauldrons filled with gold coins as place settings & favours. For a more informal party, serve food on green paper plates or these shamrock plates with matching cups from Party Packs.







Got kids coming round? Provide a basket of these leprechaun lollipops.Or a bowl full of green M&M’s. You could personalise them with a shamrock motif.  


St Patrick’s Day Fancy Dress

Ask guests to wear a green item of clothing but if they want to be more adventurous, there are plenty of fancy dress options available:






St Patrick’s Day Party Food

Boxty (potato pancakes) with bacon & vine tomatoes

beef & Guinness stew
soda bread

Baileys cheesecake


St Patrick’s Day Games & Entertainment

St Patrick’s Day Irish Quiz

Get your guests talking to each other by splitting into teams & handing out our Irish Quiz. Don’t forget to print off the Irish quiz answers too!

End of the Rainbow

Another team event. For each team you will need 7 paper cups, each a different colour of the rainbow – if you have trouble sourcing them, you could always just write the name of the colour on the side of a paper cup. Place the set of cups on the floor in separate piles with the team member in a line behind them, one behind the other.

On the word ‘go’ the first person picks up the first colour of the rainbow & passes it over their head to the person behind who passes it between their legs to the next person, This over & under pattern continues to the last person who puts the cup on the floor behind them before rushing to the front of the line to pick up the next cup in the rainbow sequence & passing it over & under. The last person places the cup upside down on top of the first cup to build a tower. This continues until all the cups have been used. The teams can then check if they have the correct colour sequence & amend if necessary. The first team with their tower in the correct colour order wins. 

The colour sequence should be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. If playing on a carpeted floor, you may need to use a tray or hardback book to build the tower on.




This leprechaun would make a great prize & comes in different sizes.                                Or these pretty drop earrings Both would be suitable as raffle prizes too.
For chocolate fans, fill a mini cauldron with gold chocolate coins.



St Patrick’s Day Music

Many a chart-topper has come out of Ireland & there are plenty of musical genres to choose from too. Decide if you want to go for traditional tunes, folk ballads, pop or rock or maybe mix it up over the evening. Here’s a small selection to get you started

The Corrs
Snow Patrol
The Script
The Boomtown Rats
The Nolans
The Chieftains
The Fureys

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