St George’s Day Party

St George text fro St George's Day partySt George’s Day Party
picture of english flag for St George's Day party

St Patrick has had it far too much his own way & it’s time poor
oldpicture of english flag for St George's Day party George had a look in & joined the festivities.

Put aside the curries, stir fries and pizzas & celebrate ENGLAND with a St George’s Day party!

St George

St George held the post of tribune in the Roman Army during the reign of the Emperor Diocletion (245-313). Diocletion wasn’t too keen on Christians & was in the habit of persecuting them, which George objected to. He complained to the Emperor & was thrown into prison & tortured for his effort. Since he would not repent, Diocletion had him beheaded.

George was adopted as the patron saint of soldiers after he was said to have appeared to the Crusader army at the Battle of Antioch in 1098. Stories about George reached England carried by Crusaders who heard them from Byzantine Christians & were circulated by troubadours. cartoon for St George's Day partyKing Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) adopted St George as the army’s protector during his 1191-1192 Crusade & this was possibly when the red cross on a white background became part of the uniform of English soldiers.

A holiday in honour of him, on 23 April was declared by the Synod of Oxford in 1222 and by the end of the 14th century, George had become the Patron Saint of England.

St George is best known for slaying dragons & rescuing fair damsels. According to legend, a town was being terrorised by a dragon, which lived in a cave nearby. In an attempt to pacify it, the locals began sacrificing first animals & then young maidens. Finally, it became the turn of the princess but luckily for her St George appeared on his trusty steed & the dragon was slain.

St George’s Day Party Decorations

Decorate the rooms with red & white balloons & England flags. Flowers in the two colours can be used for mantelpieces & tables.
Lay the table with a white cloth & if possible, drape a piece of red material across the middle lengthways & across the middle widthways. Use red napkins & candles or alternate with red & white.
Ask guests to wear red & white, even if its just one item of their outfit that fits the theme.

english flag bunting for St George's Day party

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Fill a glass bowl with red & white M&Ms with your personalised message on. Guests will enjoy tucking in.


St George’s Day Party Drinks

St George beer (available from Sainsburys supermarket)
Wine from English vinyards such as Denbies or Three Choirs
Gin & tonic
Elderflower cordial

St George’s Day Party Food

Starter:             Yorkshire pudding filled with mushrooms in a white wine &  cream sauce
Main Course:    Roast Beef with red wine gravy  
Mashed potato & parsnip with mustard

                         Beans & carrots with herb butter
Dessert:            Apple pie & custard
                         Layered strawberry & champagne jellies

england flag cup for St George's Day partyenglish flag plate for St George's Day party





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St George’s Day Party Games

1)         On arrival, stick a label on each guest’s forehead, on which has been written the name of a famous English person. They must then question the other guests to find out who they are.
2)         See how well guests know the country. Copy a map of England, with the different counties outlined. Shade various counties & see if they can name them.
3)         Cut out pictures of famous English people from magazines or newspapers for guests to identify.

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