Secret Agent Party

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Write the Secret Agent party invitations in code with a key to the code on the back. Codes could be in the form of:

A number represents each letter of the alphabet eg A=1, B=2
A riddle
A poem or paragraph where the first letter of each line when put together, spell a word or sentence

Include a section for the guest to RSVP in the same code & maybe a password (also in code) to be used when arriving at the party.


Keep the lighting low. Have signs on the walls such as MI5, KGB & also CIA with flags next to them for the country they represent. Act mysteriously when you open the door to guests & talk in a low voice. Don’t forget to ask for the password if included on the invitation. As they arrive, hand out a spy kit containing for example, notepad, pen, magnifying glass & code book.


Ask guests to come as a well known spy or detective such as James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Dick Barton or Harriet the Spy. Have a few spare raincoats & trilbys for those that haven’t dressed up.picture of detective for secret agent party


mafia pizzas
CIA mini hamburgers
MI5 sandwiches
carrot, cucumber & pepper sticks
mini corn on the cob
mix of crisps, Twiglets etc

chocolate eclairs
apricot flapjacks
raspberry muffins

Ice letters onto the cakes & use as another clue


James Bond text for secret agent partyAsk the children to bring a passport photo with them & make fake passports as the first task. Attach to cardboard & cover with self-adhesive clear plastic. If not enough time, these can be made beforehand & included in the spy kits.

Use the passports to split the children into pairs or small groups. Have some as English, Russian & American spies & name them accordingly. Once they have found the rest of their group, have them congregate at their appropriate headquarters (the MI5, KGB & CIA signs around the room).

When everyone has arrived at headquarters, play a tape from M explaining their mission. Make sure the children write down any important clues in their notebooks & help them if they have not spotted them.
Use different games for the children to gather clues & solve the mystery. These can include:Magnifying glass picture for secret agent party

Treasure Hunt

Give each group a list of hidden clues they need to find. These could be matchbox with address on, photo, key, phone number, tape, coded letter.

Kim’s Game
Lay a collection of items on a tray & give everyone a minute or two to memorise them. Take the tray away & return it with an item missing, which is one of the clues. Repeat a few more times but do not replace the items you have removed.


Get the children to decode the letter found in the Treasure Hunt. Make sure there are plenty of tips in the code books which are in their spy kit.

picture of notepad fro secret agent party
More Codes/Disguise

Have a pile of dressing up for each team with for example, coat, glasses, hat, wig, scarf. Give each team a code to decipher. Once the team has done this, one person dons the disguise & takes the decoded message to an adult in another room where they give them the answer &, if correct, receive another code. On returning to their team mates, the child removes the disguise & they repeat with the second code.

Listen Hard

Play a tape or CD that you have prepared earlier of everyday noises. See if the children can identify them.

Film observation

Have friends & family act in a home movie showing part of the crime & using some of the items from the Treasure Hunt & Kim’s Game. Show the film to the children & see how observant they are & if they pick up more clues. If you have time & your friends & family are all budding actors, make a second film which shows the complete crime (maybe not a feature length film) & show to the children at the end of the party (debrief) so that they know all the answers.

Use the break for food as a chance for the guests to gather more clues, these could be letters or numbers on the food or messages on the tablecloth. You could also have each country knowing a clue that the others don’t & the children have to question each other to find it out. This clue could be included in their spy kit or on their passport.picture of camera for secret agent party

If you have time, you could always have each team trying to solve a slightly different crime so that any answers overheard may not actually be any help.

Have prizes for the team that solves the crime first but also for different sections of the party such as best fancy dress or disguise.

Need more ideas? Help is at hand with this helpful book from amazon


Have the spy kit as the main present & add gifts if you feel it necessary. As well as a slice of birthday cake, these could include:

If time is short, how about these ready filled party bags

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