Princess Party Theme

Image of princess party crown

Princess Party Ideas

Most little girls love to dress up as princesses, whether it’s a particular Disney princess or just a pretty dress with a crown. This is your chance to be as pink, fluffy & glittery as you wish. Combine with our Knight Party theme if you would like to invite boys too.

Princess Party Invitations


Use our crown template to cut out crown shapes from coloured card. Decorate the front with felt tips, crayons, tissue paper & glitter & write the party details on the back:

Princess ……(name)………..

invites you to a party at her palace

at …..(address)….

on ……(date)……

from ….(start time)……… to …..(finish time)….. 

RSVP   ……(adult name & phone number)

Crown template for princess party


For older children, you might like to use a more formal invitation. Print off our princess party invitation template on to white or cream card measuring 13cm x 21cm.

Princess party invitation

If you’re feeling arty, print a picture of a palace to fill an A5 sheet of paper or thin card (print off 2 onto an A4 sheet & cut). Cut around top, bottom & one side of a window & fold back (as in an advent calendar). Place the palace onto a blank piece of thin card (coloured if desired) the same size & stick a photo of the party girl onto the blank sheet of card so that it can be seen through the window. Cut & fold back as many windows & doors as you need so that the party details can be written & revealed. When finished, stick the palace to the card.


Image of palace party invitation

Not feeling arty? Honeytree Publishing have some lovely invitation designs on their website. They’ll also do party bag stickers & thank-you cards in the same design.

Princess Party Decorations

What could be more fitting for your little princess than a room full of pink, fluff & glitter. Red, lilac or blue also work well if another colour is preferred.

Cut out hearts from pink card using our heart template & blu-tac to the walls. Image of heart for princess partyHang heart strings from shelves & a glitter curtain in the doorway. Twist together pink & white streamers & loop around the room using blu-tac or drawing pins if you have a picture rail. If pulling out all the stops, how about a pink carpet to the front door or from the front door to the party room?




Foil curtain                                                                                                                                

Drape pink feather boas over door frames, picture frames or furniture & have plenty of pink & white balloons on the floor or tied in bunches & hanging around the room. An archway of balloons over the front door or the door to the party room would definitely give a wow factor. White or pink fairy lights also look pretty either over doorways or strung around the room.

Younger children will like Disney Princess bunting from Party Pieces whilst older children may prefer silver glitter crown bunting from Party Packs.


Princess Party Table

Print off & laminate personalised princess placemats for each guest. These also make great going home presents. Companies such as provide cute clip art to use in your placemat design.

Tie a pink helium filled balloon to each guest’s chair using silver ribbon & decorate each chair with

pink tissue paper bows or a feather boa. Spread a pink cloth over the table & sprinkle with pink & silver heart or princess confetti.

This can then be covered with a clear plastic tablecloth. Make a heart or crown shaped place card for each princess party guest or even a mini tiara (see instructions below) with Princess ……….. written on it, to make them all feel special.

princess party crown shaped namecard

princess party heart shaped namecard


Hobbycraft & Confetti both have a selection of place cards to choose from.

Play music from the Disney Princess films.



Princess Party Fancy Dress


If you don’t have a princess outfit, make your own by sprucing up an existing dress. Add a sash by tying a ribbon around the waist or use lining material to make an overskirt. Sew ribbon around the bottom of the skirt & on the sleeve or shoulders.

Alternatively, use a leotard as the base & add sleeves, skirt & a sash. Click on Princess fancydress for more details.

Princess Cone Hat

Draw a quarter of a circle on pink card with a radius of around 16 inches (41cm) using a pencil tied to a piece of string or a wide compass. Cut out – if making one for all the guests, use your first as a template. Cut a small bit off the point of the hat to allow for the veil.

Cut out a veil from tissue paper or muslin using your quarter circle as a template. Attach the point of the material to the now not so pointy tip of the hat using tape or glue. They should point in opposite directions >< as this is the inside of the hat & the veil will be coming out of the top & draping down the outside.

Streamers can be used instead of a veil. Cut out 5 strips from tissue or crepe paper which are longer than the hat. Attach in the same way as the veil.

Roll the hat into a cone & staple at the bottom. Glue or tape along the seam.

Punch a hole on either side of the cone near the base & thread elastic through. Tie either end. Decorate with ribbon, sequins, jewels & stickers.

Princess Tiara

Cut a band of card approx. 1 inch wide. Measure around the head & tape/staple/glue in the correctImage of princess party crowns place. Cut strips of foil about 2 inches wide & roll & squeeze into sticks. Form into arches & tape onto the inside of the band – the foil can be shaped into hearts or swirls if preferred. Decorate the outside of the band with stickers, foam shapes, felt tips etc. For a tiara with a scallop edge, use the tiara template.

Princess Sceptre

Push a wooden dowelling rod (between 12 & 24 inches long) into a polystyrene ball. Spray gold or if preferred cover the dowelling in silver foil & then the ball. Decorate with jewels.


Princess Party Food

Serve on this cute range of tableware available from Party Packs.

Image of princess party tablewareImage of princess party tableware with heartsImage of princess party tableware


Image of fairy princess party tableware

Take your pick from the following food ideas:

Sandwiches – use a crown cutter to make them extra special or go the whole hog & make your own bread, adding pink food colouring/paste to the dough. Use fillings such as ham, raspberry jam, tuna or pink cream cheese
Red pepper hummus or dipImage of princess party food
Tomato ketchup dip
Beetroot & yogurt dip
Carrot, cucumber & red pepper sticks for dipping
Prawn cocktail shells (crisps)
Sausages wrapped in bacon

Baby tomatoes

Pink cupcakes – make the cake mixture pink as well as the icing
Pink wafer biscuits
Iced gems
Pink iced crown biscuits
Strawberry ice-cream with pink sprinkles
Raspberries & strawberries
Pink meringues
Candy floss
Pink marshmallowsImage of princess party desserts displayed in a jar
Strawberry Bonbons in a jar or clear bowl
Pink Smarties
Raspberry jelly served in individual dishes/cups
Marshmallow pops

Pink Lemonade

For Princess Party Recipes for the above ideas, click here

princess party pink sweets

Buy a candy floss machine & give guests the fun of watching the sugar fluff up before their eyes.

 Princess Palace Cake

Image of princess party palace cake

How to make a Princess Palace Cake.

Or maybe a Belle Princess Cake………… Image of Belle princess party cake

Princess Party Crafts


Most little girls love to have a go at crafts. Have crowns cut out ready that they can decorate  – a good idea for when the children are arriving. See the Princess Tiara above or copy the crown template.

Princess Cone Hat

See the cone hat above in the Fancy Dress section or the hats below are available from Baker Ross.

Jewellery Box

All princesses need somewhere to keep their precious jewels. These boxes below from Baker Ross can be decorated with stickers, sequins, felt tips, paints & more. Paint a base coat on before the party to save drying time.












Picture Frame

Get the children to decorate a craft picture frame with jewels & glitter glue. During the party, take a picture of each child & print off. Perhaps decorate a chair as a throne & have each child sit on it for their photo. These can then be used as going home presents.

Design Your Palace

Get the children to cut out pictures & stick on paper to create their own palace or perhaps a room in a palace. For a room, this might include items such as a swimming pool or glitter ball so have plenty of pictures/stickers available.

Princess Party Games

Find Your Palace

Print off a picture of a palace on A4 for each child & blu tack around the room. The children dance to music & when it stops, they must find one palace per child, no sharing! Once you’ve had a trial go, remove a palace. The child that doesn’t find a palace on the next go is out (small sweets are usually a good option at this point). Remove another palace (or more if wished) & continue until you have a winner. If you have a large venue with plenty of space & chairs, you may prefer to change this to Find Your Throne (musical chairs).

Pin the Jewel on the Crown,
Draw a crown on large piece of paper or card & decorate. Choose a spot where the jewel should go (draw but leave undecorated) & use round coloured stickers as the jewels for the children to stick on. Write their name on the sticker so you know whose is whose!
Hunt the (Cinderella) Slipper
The children go into another room whilst one person stays to hide a shoe. Once hidden, the children are allowed back in & must look for the shoe. For older children, a smaller object can be used such as a frog figurine.
Who am I? 
Have a collection of Disney Princess pictures face down. Safety pin one to the back of each child so that they cannot see who it is. They must then go round the room & try to identify who they are by asking each other yes & no questions.
Fishing for Frogs
Cut out about 30 frog shapes using the frog template & paint green or print onto green paper. Attach a paperclip to each one anywhere on their body. To make the fishing rod, tie a length of string to a stick & then tie a magnet to the other end of the string. Make one for each child or enough for half the children & play the game in heats. Get the children to stand in a circle & put the frogs all around the floor in front of them (an empty paddling pool could be used to put them in). They then try & fish for as many frogs as they can by picking the paperclip up by the magnet.
Either play that the child with the most frogs wins or have a small crown on the back of one of the frogs that they can’t see easily & the child  that hooks the frog prince wins.  

Image of frog

Crown Practice
A princess must be able to walk with ease with a crown on her head. Split the children into teams. The first person in each team must balance a book on their head & walk down to the end of the room & back again without it falling off or holding it with their hands. Once back, they then hand the book to the next team member. Continue until everyone has had a go.
Face Painting & Temporary Tattoos 
Paint simple hearts, butterflies or flowers on their cheeks. Use some glitter gel as well. A variety of tattoos are available from Baker Ross

Princess Party Favours

When planning your favours, don’t forget that any of the crafts made can be taken home too.
Present your gifts in a princess cup from Party Pieces or princess gift bag from Party Packs







Chocolate princess – Party PacksPrincess chocolate coins – Party Pieces
Princess stationery set – Party Pieces
Tiara & wand set – Party Pieces
Princess yoyo – English Heritage – Shop
Haribo rings- Party Pieces
Princess mini notebooks –
Party Packs
Mini Love Hearts –
Party Packs
Princess bubbles –
Party Pieces
Stickers –
Party Packs
Princess purse –
Party Packs
Iced biscuits – see desserts above
Princess magazine
Not enough time? These ready filled princess party bags are available from Party Pieces.

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