Party Bags & Favours

Under the sea themed party bags

Party Bags & Favours

Themed bags offer a bright & cheerful way to present going home gifts to children but why not have a look at some of our alternative ideas & also suggestions for what to put in them. We have also included some favour ideas for dinner parties.


Decorated Paper Bags

Great for younger children since it can be included in the party activities. Get in a supply of coloured paper bags, stickers, foam shapes, glitter, crayons & felt tips all available from craft shops or online. The children can decorate their own bags which can then be filled during the party ready to give out at the end.

Craft Boxes

Good for girls around 6 – 8, these can be decorated with jewels, stickers & glitter (again available from craft shops or online) while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Felt Shoulder Bags

Girls aged 4 – 8 will love these as party bags. Decorate with felt flowers & letters.

Beach Buckets

For under the sea or beach parties. These can be plain or with fish scenes around the outside.

Party Boxes

An eco-friendly idea since they can be recycled, these come in a range of themes. They are usually sold as party food boxes (& as such are a fun way to present food to guests & cut down on wastage).


Fold a semi-circle of coloured paper into a cone shape & secure. Fill with sweets. Fold the spare triangle of paper at the top down over the contents & secure with a named sticker. Decorate with ribbons, doilies or stickers.


Fill a theme related cup with gifts, wrap in cellophane & tie with ribbon. pink favour party bags

Fabric bag

Cut a circle (approx. dinner plate size) from some pretty material. Place gifts in the centre, gather up the material & tie with ribbon. Alternatively, cut a rectangle of material approx. 19 in x 7 in. Fold the patterned side in half so that both short ends are together & sew up long sides. Hem the top if required & turn inside out. Fill with gifts & tie with ribbon.


Small but very desirable to young girls. Fill with hair clips, hair ties, bracelets, rings, small pen.

Pencil Case

Whether you opt for the furry kind or a theme related one, these will go down well with both boys & girls.

Small Buckets

An unusual display for favours, these come in a range of designs & colours & will look great as part of your table decor. Fill with Smarties, mini eggs or any other confectionery that takes your fancy. Guests will be more than happy to nibble on them before, during or after the meal.


Favour Box

A stylish addition to any dinner table. There’s nothing quite like a plain favour box with a small coloured ribbon bow on the top to match the decor. Fill with a few chocolates or truffles. Boxes are available online from wedding websites in various designs. I would recommend a ribbon 3mm in width for the bows.


Under each party theme, we have suggested items that could be used for going home presents. Below are a selection that can be found to suit most themes:

pen                                                                    sweets
pencil                                                                 chocolates
eraser                                                                decorated shaped biscuit
stamp                                                                bubbles
notebook                                                           croc shoe charms
hairclip                                                               bracelet
hair tie                                                                necklace
stickers                                                              ball
book                                                                  colouring book
key ring or phone charm – cool for decorating book bags


Favours can add a glamorous & generous finishing touch to a dinner party or wedding. Chocolates & sweets can be presented in lidded boxes decorated to compliment your decor whether by a ribbon, flower or even a sweet stuck on with icing sugar. They can also be displayed in mini buckets in a variety of designs & colours or how about making a paper cone described in the section above? Mini bottles with corks are also available (try & can be personalised with a printed sticker. Alternatively, wrap in cellophane & tie with curling ribbon.

Other gift ideas are:
mini bottles of perfume
miniature bottles of alcohol
mini games
relevant photos made into jigsaws (glue onto cardboard & make your own)
lottery ticket

NOT ENOUGH TIME? Some companies will provide themed party bags ready filled. Have a look at