National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day

28 October

If you’ve been experiencing withdrawal symptoms from days without chocolate after the finish of Chocolate Week, do not fear! National Chocolate Day is nearly upon us. There are lots of chocolate days throughout the year (thank goodness!) & it’s difficult to know which is which. Some people think National Chocolate Day is on July 7th in the UK but due to the (hopefully) hot weather at that time of year, I vote for the USA date of 28th October when you know your chocolate isn’t going to melt.

This day celebrates all the varieties of chocolate you can think of.

Dark – also known as plain. It must contain a minimum of 35% cocoa solids, at least 18% of which should be cocoa butter. Good quality dark chocolate tends to have much higher cocoa content of around 70%, sometimes 80% or even 90%. The higher the cocoa content, the more bitter the taste as less sugar is added.

Milk – perhaps the most popular type due to its sweeter taste. In the UK, it must contain a minimum of 20% cocoa solids & 20% milk solids that include at least 5% milk fat.

White – made from sugar, milk & cocoa butter but no cocoa solids – so technically not a chocolate.

Raw chocolate is the new choc on the block. It is basically a dark chocolate but tends to be made on a smaller scale & is not heated to the high temperatures normally associated with chocolate making. This is thought to preserve more nutrients & produce a less processed chocolate.

If you want to know what really goes into your chocolate, why not make your own? Melt cocoa butter, add an equal amount of cocoa powder & whisk together. Add a natural sweetener; pour into moulds & leave to cool.

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