Hollywood Party Theme

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Hollywood Party Theme

Invite your friends to an Oscar ceremony & an evening with the stars

Hollywood party invitation header

Hollywood Party Invitations

Raid the Christmas box & write invitations on gold
stars. Alternatively, cut out your own from stiff card &
spray with gold paint. Other templates used could be the comedy/tragedy masks & the Oscar statue.

picture of theatrical comedy and tragedy masks

Buy a copy of Hello magazine & cut & paste pictures of celebrities onto the front of a folded piece of card. Write the party details on the inside.

Draw & cut out a gold star approx. 3 inches wide & glue onto a folded piece of card. Draw & cut out a piece of film reel & glue artistically over the star. Write the party details in each frame.

Hollywood party decor header

Hollywood Party Decorations

Decorate the venue with as much glitz as you can. Gold stars, swathes of gold & red

material, shimmering foil curtains & glitter. If you can manage a red carpet like the one below from Party Pieces at the entrance, so

much the better. You can find stanchions (the poles & rope) & a red carpet at Party Packs. If you want to splash out, have a look at www.themetraders.com for props such as statues to hire.

How about a Walk of Fame?







Hollywood party star dressing room sign



Hang a gold star on the door of each area used, to describe it. For example the toilet door could read:


Cover the table with a white cloth & decorate with gold material down the centre or spray dried flowers gold & arrange with greenery for a centre piece. Use gold candles, serviettes & serving platters to compliment your own crockery.
Sand down some old wooden chairs, spray gold & cover with a red cushion.
Transform cheap glasses with gold & silver relief paint.

Or purchase napkins, plates & cups as shown below from Party Packs
Hollywood themed napkinpicture of Hollywood party cuppicture of Hollywood party plate











Hollywood party fancy dress

 Hollywood Party Fancy Dress

Ask guests to come as a famous actor/actress or depicting their favourite film (be prepared for the Incredible Hulk gracing your elegant diner party if you go for the latter).




Hollywood party menu

Hollywood Party Food

For a large gathering, go for a glitzy buffet. With celebrities, looks are everything so it’s the presentation that counts. Serve food on gold platters with artistic garnishes.





Dips served in a cabbage leaf bowl
Vegetable crudites – if you have time, sculpt the cucumber & carrots, curl the celery & flower the radishes.
Smoked salmon blinis with caviarpicture of champagne bottle for Hollywood party
Mushroom & ricotta puffs
Chicken satay with peanut sauce
Cocktail stick bites
Peppadew peppers with thyme cream cheese
Mozerella, tomato & basil mini tarts
Sesame prawn toasts
Sausage filo parcels
Pork & apricot roulade

Chocolate fountain with fruit & profiteroles for dipping
Lemon shortbread
Strawberry gateaux
Ginger ice-cream


Sprinkle these edible gold stars over the food & serving dishes or add to drinks.

games for a Hollywood party

Hollywood Party Games

WHO AM I? Great for getting people to mingle.  Pin the name of a famous actor or character on to the back of each guest & get them to ask the other guests questions in order to find out who they are. People can only reply with yes or no. If it is a large gathering, make the names part of a couple. Once people have guessed who they are, they then need to find their other half. Couples could include: Laurel & Hardy, Fred & Ginger, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, Scarlett O’Hara & Rett Butler, Tom & Jerry.movie themed picture for Hollywood party


CHARADES – an old one that keeps cropping up. Get guests to act out movie titles.

FAMOUS LINES – compile a list of well known phrases from films & get guests to name the film they come from & who said them.

GUESS THAT TUNE – play excerpts of music from various films & ask guests to name the film.

MUSICAL STARS – use your Walk of Fame stars to play a version of musical chairs.

THE OSCARS – start the party in the morning & have teams make & edit a short film which is then shown in the evening at the awards ceremony. Present Oscar statues from Party Packs for the best.










Hollywood party music header

Hollywood Party Music

Spend the evening with film theme tunes playing in the background. These are now easily available as each film seems to produce a CD of the music.






picture of cocktail glassescocktail glasses


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