Go Orange for Orangutan Day

Orange for Orangutan Day

9th November 2016

This November why not go orange for orangutans & raise money to help protect them.

Image of orange for orangutan campaign

Known as ‘the man of the forest’, orangutans are one of our closest relatives, sharing over 96% of the same DNA. Yet we are destroying their habitat & consequently numbers are in decline – 50% in the last 60 years. Today, Orangutans can be found on only 2 islands in Asia, Borneo & Sumatra. Over the past 20 years, more than 80% of the orangutan’s tropical forest habitat has been lost to road development & agriculture, mainly palm oil production.

Orangutans also come under threat from the illegal pet trade. Young, cute orang-utans are sought after as pets & their mothers are often killed by poachers in the process.

What is Orange for Orangutan Day?

Orange for Orangutan Day takes place on 9th November 2016 & is run by the Orangutan Foundation. The charity was founded in 1990 to conserve the threatened orangutan and its habitat. It works closely with local communities, businesses & regional government on a range of projects, protecting National Parks & their wild orangutan populations, monitoring the release of orangutans back into the wild in wildlife reserves & campaigning to stop the spread of oil palm plantations.  Image of the Orangutan Foundation logo

Help raise money on Orange for Orangutan Day to plant & look after new trees & fund orangutan conservation.

What can you do? If you want to keep it small, wear something orange (t-shirt, wig, socks, nail varnish) & make a donation; simple! To go a bit bigger, arrange for everyone at work/school to wear something orange & make a donation or hold an orange cake sale.

If you want to go even bigger, organise an orange party & invite all your friends & family. Send out orange invitations asking guests to wear orange & make a donation. Decorate the room with orange balloons, streamers & candles. Serve orange food such as:

orange pepper sticks
carrot sticks
butternut squash dip

pumpkin soup

shepherds pie with sweet potato topping
grated carrot salad with lambs lettuce

bowl of orange Smarties
bowl of satsumas/qumquats
orange jelly
apricot Pavlova

Red Leicester
orange waxed cheddar
Butlers Blacksticks Smooth Blue cheese (it’s orange, honest!)
Ritz Crackers

candied orange peel dipped in chocolate

orange juice
fizzy orange
Irn Bru
Bucks Fizz
mango juice with sparkling water


An alternative (or additional) way to help the orangutans is with your grocery shop. Check the list of ingredients of everything you buy for palm oil (you’d be surprised what you can find it in) & make sure it’s from a sustainable source.



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