Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Saturday 13th May is the Eurovision Song Contest final!

Image of Ukraine flag

Gather your friends to hear the key changes & nil point scores of the Eurovision Song Contest & serve snacks & drinks either from the host nation, Ukraine or from some of the countries competing. Try some of these delicacies:

Sweden – pickled herring, smoked/cured salmon, meatballs, cinnamon buns
Austria – mini Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel
Hungary – goulash, stuffed cabbage, langos (fried dough)
Cyprus – chicken souvlakia, grilled halloumi, pitta bread
, hummus
Russia – pirozhki ( savoury pastries), blini
Armenia dolma (stuffed vegetables)
France – pate, saucisson, macaron, eclair

The Netherlands – cheese (edam, gouda, leerdammer)

The first contest was hosted by Switzerland on 24 May 1956. Seven countries took part, each singing two songs. Only solo artists were allowed to enter the contest; groups were banned until the rule was abolished in the 1970s. Thank goodness it was, otherwise we might never have come across ABBA! The UK had to wait until 1957 to take part as their application was too late the first year!

This year 42 countries will take part in the semi finals on the preceding Tuesday & Thursday with 20 making it through to the final. These days, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are automatically allowed to participate in the final as they are the largest financial contributors to the EBU.

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