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Cupcake Party

Most children love to bake and decorate cupcakes. This cupcake party worked really well with a group of 6 & 7 year olds but for younger children or to make life easier, forget the baking and go straight for decorating. This is a party full of E numbers!

Cupcake Party Invitations

Print out our cupcake template onto card, cut out & decorate in as many different ways as you can. Use felt tips, glitter, pompoms, sweet wrappers or wrapping paper. Write the party details on the reverse.

Image of cupcake templateImage of cupcake party invitation


Honey Tree Publishing have lots of cupcake designs for invitations, stickers & thank you notes which would be perfect for you cupcake party.

What about sending a cupcake with the party details written on the box?

Bear in mind the number of shelves in your oven when deciding how many guests to invite!

Cupcake Party Decorations 

picture of star cupcakes for cupcake partyCover the table with a cake-themed plastic cloth such as one from the Sweet Treats range available from Party Packs 









Hang an apron on each chair or ask guests to bring their own. Check out these ones from Amazon

Alternatively, sew your own aprons (see below) & add the name of each guest on the pocket.

Print out an A4 picture of a cupcake and either write a letter on each picture once printed to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY or the name of the birthday child or superimpose onto the picture before printing. Laminate, punch with a hole, thread with a ribbon & hang up or blu tac to the walls. Cute pictures are always available to download from

Cartoon cupcakes for cupcake party


Alternatively, cut out a  piece of cupcake decorated wrapping paper, stick to some card & draw a letter on or print out a large letter from the computer.picture of cupcake party bunting



Not enough time? This pretty bunting is from Amazon


Party Packs do a lovely range of cupcake tableware



How to make an apron:


First decide if you want a PVC or cotton apron. PVC will obviously last longer & be easier to clean but will be harder to sew. You will need a rectangle approx. 50cm x 66cm for the apron & a square 12cm x 12cm for the pocket (optional). If the material is thin, you may find you want a plain white material as lining. I found this apt material on ebay and it’s available in a variety of colours. picture of apron for cupcake party


Use an existing apron as a template or print out our apron template.

If using a pocket, embroider names on to the pocket by hand or machine if you are able to. Letters are also available from haberdashery stores such as Hobbycraft so you could always just sew or iron an initial letter onto the pocket. 

Double hem the top of the pocket to prevent fraying, fold under the other 3 sides 1cm & iron. Pin to the main apron & sew the bottom & sides of the pocket to attach. Picture of pocket for cupcake party apron

Lay the apron face down & if using, place the lining on top. Fold the material over 1cm all the way round to create a hem & iron. Place the ends of a 49cm piece of tape on either side of the top of the material (to go over the head) & one end of a 49cm piece of tape at the top of the main bit of the apron, either side (to tie round waist). Fold the material over 1cm again & pin (folding the tape back on itself so it is heading in the right direction). Sew.

Hem the ends of the waist tapes & you’re done.

Cupcake Recipe

For each guest you will need:

4oz self raising flour
4oz caster sugar
4oz margarine
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs

6 muffin cases – if you can give each person a different colour it will make it easier to identify them at the end!                                          Image of cupcake party
cup or small bowl
large mixing bowl
wooden spoon
dessert spoon
small bowl (large enough to hold the flour)
12 hole muffin tray (between 2)

Lay out everything at each guest’s work station before the party. Put the sugar & margarine into the large bowl & the flour & baking powder into the small bowl. Save egg boxes beforehand & cut up so that the eggs can rest in them. Put a bowl at either end of the table for empty egg shells plus a few teaspoons for rescuing shell from the egg mixture. Fill a muffin tray with 6 muffin cases of one colour & 6 of another & set aside.

When the guests arrive, get them to gather in another room & colour in cupcake templates whilst waiting for the other guests. Aprons could also be handed out at this point.

Tie back long hair & wash hands !

Beat the margarine & sugar together with a wooden spoon until pale. Break an egg into the cup or small bowl & beat with a fork. Add about half to the sugar & margarine & beat until it has all been incorporated. Add some more along with a spoonful of flour & beat. Repeat with the second egg until all the egg & flour has been used. If different flavoured/coloured cupcakes are wanted, a few spoonfuls of the mixture could be put in a separate bowl & food colouring, almond essence or chocolate chips added.

Preheat oven to 180C.

Place a muffin tray between 2 guests for them to fill each case half full.

Place in the oven & bake until golden brown & the sponge bounces back when gently pressed – approx. 20 minutes. Put cakes on a wire rack to cool.

Play games while the cakes are cooking & cooling & it should also give you time to clear up some of the mess!

Lay out on the table dishes of different coloured icing & cake decorations. Put a plate in front of each child to catch the drips & the cooled cupcakes either on a large plate or back in the muffin trays. The children will have great fun decorating the cakes, making a mess & tasting the decorations.

Leave as long as possible for the icing to set & then put in cake boxes ready to take home. Write in pencil on the box who it belongs to. Party Packs & Make A Wish Cake Shop have some pretty boxes to choose from.

Cupcake Party Games

Bake a Cake Treasure Hunt

Whilst the children are making the cakes, hide pictures of ingredients around the house or garden (I would advise another adult or older child doing this so you can supervise the cake making). Make sure there are enough for each recipe. Put the children in pairs & hand each a cake recipe listing the ingredients & (certainly for younger children) also a picture of them. The children then need to go round finding each ingredient for their cake. First team with all their ingredients wins. Follow this link for a pdf of the cupcake game.

Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake

Draw & cut out a very large cupcake & stick onto a large piece of paper (old wallpaper is ideal). The children take it in turns to be blindfolded & place a round red sticker as close to the top centre of the cake as they can. Write initials on each sticker so you know whose is whose.

pin cherry on cupcake game for cupcake party

Chocolate Faces

Have a supply of cupcakes covered in chocolate icing & place one or two on a plate in front of each guest. With hands behind their backs, they then have to try & eat the cakes. First to finish wins.

Alternatively, thread a piece of string or cotton through the cake with a needle & tie the end at the bottom of the cake in a big enough knot so that it doesn’t slip back through the cake. Tie the other end to a length of string & repeat with the other cakes. Have 2 adults hold each end of the string at head height for the guests. Lay newspaper or an old sheet on the floor first.  If the weather is nice, take it outside & tie the cakes to a rotary washing line.

Have a camera to hand as it will produce some very chocolaty faces! Oh, & maybe some wipes….


Ideas for cupcake party prizes:

icing set
baking set
biscuit cutters
apron – if not including them as going home presents
cupcake lip balm
cupcake pencil case
cupcake stationery set
Where’s My Cupcake? game, for younger children
cupcake manicure set
cupcake handcream

Cupcake party favoursCupcake party favour box


Cupcake Party Bags

pencil case – use instead of a party bag
paper bag decorated with cupcake foam stickers – Baker Ross
cupcake party bag – Party Packs
cupcake money bank –Baker Ross
cupcake bag danglers – Baker Ross
cupcake sewing kit – Baker Ross
cupcake stationery – Baker Ross
cupcake memo pad – Baker Ross
mallow cupcake lolly – Party Pieces

lip balm –

cupcake chocolate presented in a cellophane bag – these were made using a chocolate mould from
Make A Wish Cake Shop. I put coloured sugar strands in the bottom of the swirl mould & then filled the mould with melted white chocolate. The base mould I filled with melted milk chocolate. When filled, knock the moulds gently on a flat surface to level & get rid of any air bubbles. Put in fridge to set. Once set, unmould gently & use a blob of melted chocolate to attach the swirl top to the base. Put in a cellophane bag & tie with a ribbon.
Picture of a cupcake chocolate mould

cupcake made from chocolate

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