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Events happening around the world this year - any excuse for a party!

November National Days

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November National Days   No longer the domain of just Guy Fawkes Night & St Andrew’s Day, November could see you celebrating something nearly every day!               Lung Cancer Awareness Month Men’s Health Awareness Month Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Mouth Cancer Action Month National Blog Posting Month National Novel …

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January National Days

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January National Days Now the excitement of Christmas is over, plan some small gatherings & celebrate one of the events in January.     1                    New Year’s Day  The first day of the year on the Gregorian calendar. A day for starting anew & making resolutions (which invariably get broken before spring). 4                    World …

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Calendar of Events


Party Dilemmas Calendar A Calendar for Date-Related Party Themes Want to host a party but need a theme? Take a look at our calendar of events. Whether it’s a gathering of friends or family or to raise money for charity, there are plenty of special dates and days to give you the perfect inspiration for …

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