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Host a cake sale or coffee morning & raise money with cakes for charity

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If you’re not up for running a marathon & parachute jumping isn’t your thing but you’d still like to raise money for charity, host a cake related event.

Cakes for Charity

Cakes for charity – it could be a cake sale in the office or at the school gate. A coffee morning, afternoon tea or evening sugar fest – whichever takes your fancy. You can do all the baking yourself, buy cakes from a shop or ask for cake donations from friends & family. Selling cakes for charity is a great way to raise funds.

First, decide what sort of event you’d like to hold. Would you prefer to just sell cakes at a stall or in the office or would you prefer a more sociable event where people linger & chat?

Next, choose which charity you would like to raise money for. Look on your chosen charity’s website & see if there is an organised baking event such as World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support or Big Chocolate Tea for The Sick Children’s Trust. A list is included at the bottom of this page. By signing up to an event, the charity will help you with ideas, promotional material, posters, bunting & support. If the dates given aren’t convenient for you, no-one will mind if you choose your own or if you just want to do your own thing in your own time, the charity will still offer support & material if needed.


Cake Sale

Get permission from the school, office manager or town council if applicable to set up your stall. Decide the best time to hold it – pick up time for school or 11am when everyone’s starting to feel peckish for an office. Can you have a stall at an existing event such as a school fair or football match or on the village green?

Put up posters a few days before & for work, send an email round the office to remind everyone to bring money in. Put up TODAY posters on the day & send another email. If the school has a texting system to contact parents, see if they can send a message round.

On the day, you will need:

table(s) – can you use one from the venue or do you need to supply your own?
serving platters
knifes – if cakes donated & not pre-cut
name cards
paper plates
freezer bags – in case anyone would like to take cakes away to eat later (place on plate in bag)
price list                    }
container for money }        or donation box
money float              }


Wallace & Gomit's Big Bake cakes for charity


Coffee Morning/Tea Party

Can you hold the event at home or do you need to hire a hall? If hiring a hall, state that it is a charity event as they will usually reduce the fee.

Put up posters about 3 weeks before & advertise on social media & in club newsletters. Send a message via social media a week before & again the day before &, if you’re not too busy, on the day.

Sit down & make a list of what you’d like to bake & how many guests you think may attend. Tray bakes such as Millionaires Shortbread & Brownies can be made a day or 2 ahead so give you a head start on your baking. Not everyone likes icing so provide a plainer option such as flapjack or gingerbread (another great one to make ahead!).

Rope in a friend to help you with the serving & making drinks. Is there an urn you can borrow to save forever waiting for the kettle to boil? Try a club, local hall or school.


Decorate the venue with bunting, balloons & posters from your chosen charity. Cover a table (or 2) or worktop with a pretty cloth & display the cakes on platters, trays & cake stands. Provide knifes & cake slices where necessary. Add name tags to describe your bakes. Put a pile of plates, napkins & forks at either end of the table & prominently display a donation box – this can be requested from the charity or you could make your own.

Have mugs, teaspoons, tea, coffee, hot chocolate (if desired), milk, sugar & a jug of water or squash at the ready. A big urn can take around 30 minutes to come to the boil so remember to put it on in advance. If you are expecting a large crowd, think about using polystyrene cups instead or hiring some mugs from a local hall or club or find cheap pretty vintage cups & saucers at charity shops  – they don’t need to match. If your party has a theme, try & tie the drinks in too. For example, serve hot chocolate or chocolate milkshakes at a Big Chocolate Tea & strawberry infused Pimms , strawberryade or strawberry milkshakes at a Strawberry Tea.

Make more of an evening event by serving wine or champagne instead. You could always prop a note with a suggested amount next to the donation box to reflect this.

Provide paper plates & freezer bags in case anyone would like to take cakes away with them – for a donation of course!


An additional way to raise money at your event is to provide games such as ‘guess the number of items in a jar’. Guests pay to guess & at the end of the event, the closest person wins half of the game’s takings with the other half going to the charity. If you’ve filled the jar with sweets rather than buttons, they could win the jar instead & all the takings can go to the charity. Some charities will provide a version of this game in your fundraising kit.

Alternatively, hand out copies of our Cake Quiz for a suggested donation & see who gets the most correct answers.


Time for a Cuppa logo cakes for charity


Organised Charity Baking Events

Time for a Cuppa – Dementia UK
Big Chocolate Tea – The Sick Children’s Trust
Paws for Tea Party – Blue Cross
Strawberry Tea – Breast Cancer Care
Great Guide Dogs Tea Party
The Big Chinwag – Age UK
Cupcake Day – Alzheimer’s Society
Summer Lights – Macmillan Cancer Support
Blooming Great Tea Party – Marie Curie
World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – Macmillan Cancer Support
Tea & Talk – Mental Health Foundation
National Baking Week/Bake It Better – Great Ormond Street Hospital
Big Bake – Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity
Cake Break – Multiple Sclerosis Society


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