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Cake Quiz

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  1. What is the shape of a Financier cake supposed to resemble?
  2. What are the traditional colours of a Battenberg cake?
  3. What spice is used to flavour Parkin?
  4. What shape is a croquembouche?
  5. What are the decorative balls on top of a Simnel cake made of & what are they thought to represent?
  6. How many tiers did Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake have?
  7. What shape is a Bundt cake?
  8. What are the two main flavours of a Bakewell Tart?
  9. Which royal personage is said to have been keen on nibbling Maid of Honour cakes?
  10. What fruit is found in a Black Forest Gateau?
  11. What shape is a traditional Madeleine?
  12. What is the outside of a Lamington covered with?
  13. Which country is Panettone originally from?
  14. What is the name of the rich chocolate cake from Austria?
  15. What type of cake is a Yule Log made from?
  16. Which country is Pavlova originally from?
  17. And who or what is it named after?
  18. What is the top of a Dundee cake decorated with?
  19. Most sponge cake recipes include flour, butter, sugar & eggs. Which of these ingredients is not used in a Swiss Roll?
  20. Which country is Bara brith from?





  1. A gold bar
  2. Pink & yellow
  3. Ginger
  4. Conical
  5. Made of marzipan & thought to represent the disciples of Jesus, less Judas.
  6. 4
  7. Round with a hole in the middle/ring
  8. Almond & raspberry
  9. Henry VIII
  10. Cherries
  11. Scallop shell
  12. Desiccated coconut
  13. Italy
  14. Sachertorte
  15. Swiss Roll
  16. New Zealand
  17. Anna Pavlova, the Russian ballerina
  18. Almonds
  19. Butter
  20. Wales


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