Birthstones & Wedding Anniversaries

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Birthstones & Wedding Anniversaries


Birthstones are precious or semi-precious gemstones that are associated with each month. Each represents different qualities much like the Zodiac signs & these qualities are heightened during their specific month. Originally, many believers would have one of each stone but it became popular in the 18th century to just wear gemstones from the month you were born. These days there are some modern alternatives but the traditional list is:

January       –     Garnet
February     –      Amethyst
March          –     Aquamarine
April             –     Diamond
May              –    Emerald
June            –     Pearl
July              –     Ruby
August         –     Peridot
September  –      Sapphire
October       –      Opal
November   –      Topaz
December   –      Turquoise

Set in jewellery, they make the perfect gift.

Wedding Anniversaries

The origins of celebrating specific wedding anniversaries seems to date back to the medieval German empire when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th wedding anniversary & a gold wreath on their 50th. We probably have the Victorians to thank for adding to the list & can certainly credit them with the diamond anniversary changing from 75 years to 60 in order to celebrate Victoria’s 60 years on the throne. During the 20th century, more anniversaries were added for a purely commercial reason & it has become popular to acknowledge anniversaries this way.

50th wedding anniversary cake

1st           paper
2nd         cotton
3rd          leather
4th          fruit
5th          wood
6th          sugar
7th          wool
8th          bronze
9th          pottery
10th         tin
11th         steel
12th         linen/silk
13th         lace
14th         ivory
15th         crystal
20th         china
25th         silver
30th         pearl
35th         coral
40th        ruby
45th        sapphire
50th        gold
55th        emerald
60th        diamond
70th        diamond/platinum
75th        diamond & gold
80th        oak




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