Halloween Bat Decorations

Halloween Bat Decorations

Scary bat decorations are a great craft project for you & the kids to do over half term, ready for Halloween.

Image of bat decoration


For each bat decoration you will need:  Image of materials for Halloween bat decorations

1 x sheet black paper
1 x sheet orange paper
1 x sheet white paper
1 x cardboard tube, approximately 11cm long
2 x clothes pegs




Use the cardboard tube to measure & cut out enough black paper to go all the way round & cover it. Use one long straight edge to help you. Glue the paper in place & attach a clothes peg at either end of the seam to help hold it down & stick.

Print out the bat wing template & cut out. Place on one long edge of the black paper, draw round & cut out.

Cover the centre section of the wings with glue & place the covered tube on top. Press in place & attach 2 clothes pegs to hold in place whilst it dries.

Cut out materials for bat decorations

Cut out 2 small circles from the orange paper for eyes & glue in place.

From the remaining black paper, cut out 2 triangles approximately 1.5cm each side, to use for ears. Glue to the inside edge of the cardboard tube.

Cut out 2 small triangles from the white paper to use as fangs & glue in place.



Make a whole colony of bats & see how different you can make each one. Try using white paper instead of orange for the eyes & adding detail to them with felt tip. Change the position of the pupil to create different expressions.


Arrange on shelves & tables around the room or make a small hole using a sharp pencil with a blob of blu-tac behind the hole to stop you piercing your finger. Thread through thin black elastic & tie a knot or two to secure. Hang from doorways or lightshades.

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Image of bat decoration

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