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Go Orange for Orangutan Day

Image of orangutan

Orange for Orangutan Day 9th November 2016 This November why not go orange for orangutans & raise money to help protect them. Known as ‘the man of the forest’, orangutans are one of our closest relatives, sharing over 96% of the same DNA. Yet we are destroying their habitat & consequently numbers are in decline – …

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December National Days

Image of Human Rights Day logo

December National Days Whilst you’re busy preparing for Christmas, take time out for other events taking place in December.                 1                        World AIDS Day  An opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV & show their support for people living with It. The day also commemorates people who have died from HIV. We don’t …

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November National Days

Image of a poppy

November National Days   No longer the domain of just Guy Fawkes Night & St Andrew’s Day, November could see you celebrating something nearly every day!               Lung Cancer Awareness Month Men’s Health Awareness Month Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Mouth Cancer Action Month National Blog Posting Month National Novel …

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Chocolate Caramel Day

Image of Millionaire Shortbread

  Chocolate Caramel Day   The 19th March is Chocolate Caramel Day. What a great way to spend your day, devoting it to chocolate caramel! Whether you just fancy grabbing a pack of Rolos to celebrate the day or taking the time to do some baking, there’s a whole range of goodies you can indulge in. …

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Ideas for a Tiger Party for Children

Image of tiger chocolates

   Throw a children’s tiger theme party & raise money for charity. “The tiger is the biggest, the most iconic, and one of the most endangered of all cats. Three of the nine known tiger subspecies are extinct, and a fourth – the South China tiger – hasn’t been seen in the wild since the …

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Personalised Presents & Party Ideas

M and Ms make it personal

Personalised Birthday & Party Ideas Make your presents & parties extra special with something personalised. Personalised Presents Personalised Sweets The clever people that produce M&M’s are able to put photos & messages on to them. Give as favours at weddings, boxed as a birthday present or serve in a big bowl at a party. Always a popular choice.   …

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January National Days

Image of a chocolate cake

January National Days Now the excitement of Christmas is over, plan some small gatherings & celebrate one of the events in January.     1                    New Year’s Day  The first day of the year on the Gregorian calendar. A day for starting anew & making resolutions (which invariably get broken before spring). 4                    World …

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picture of clown cake

Looking for an entertainer or something different for your party? Check out our Directory for one near you:   London & surrounding areas Creative Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos for Parties & Events. Covering London & surrounding areas Contact Hayley Clarke 07950 210029 Based in Enfield Prices range between £40-65 per hour based on …

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Knight Party Theme

Image of cartoon knight

Knight Party Theme   Knights have always been part of our folklore from St George & his dragon, Arthur & his Knights of the Round Table, the Knights Templar & right through to Mike the Knight. Transform your knight party venue into Camelot & be ready for lots of charging around! Combine with wizards & princesses to …

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International Carrot Day

Image of carrots for Carrot Day

International Carrot Day 4th April   International Carrot Day was started in 2003 to spread knowledge throughout the globe about the humble carrot and all it can offer us. Carrots are usually orange although purple, white, yellow & red varieties can also be found. A versatile root vegetable, they can be boiled, eaten raw, juiced or baked in cakes. …

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