Around The World Party

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 Around The World Party

Around The World Party Invitations

Cut out pictures from travel brochures & use to make a collage on the front of a folded piece of A4 paper or card. Write the party details inside.

Draw flags or a globe on a piece of card & write the party details on the reverse.

Get hold of a variety of cloth/plastic flags from embassies in London & write the party details on one side.

Print out some of your holiday photos or download pictures from the internet & use to make postcards with the party details on the back. Make sure you send out in an envelope though or the postman may come to the party too!

Create a passport for each guest with the party details inside. These can then be used for the Passport Control idea (see Games).

Around The World Party Decorations

Decorate the walls with posters, flags & maps obtained from travel agents or embassies & place brochures around the room. Make flags from strips of material & drape over the furniture. These or a large map can also be used as a tablecloth. has a wide range of suitable goods or check out the multi country flag bunting at Party Pieces.

You could also make different sections of the room(s) different countries & add as many accessories as possible. For example along with posters, France could include a string of garlic or onions, a beret, a box of wine (safer than a bottle) or even lean a bicycle against the wall if there’s room – I know this is a caricature of the french but it makes it easier!

cartoon frenchman for around the world party

Around The World Fancy Dress

Ask guests to come dressed as someone from another country. These can be tongue-in-cheek rather than accurate & might include:

Frenchman: stripy t-shirt, beret, baggy trousers, neckerchief.
German: Lederhosen (shorts) with braces, white shirt, hat with feather.
Indian Girl: coloured t-shirt, length of material wrapped around waist & shoulder to create a sari, bracelets.
Hawaian Girl: Raffia skirt sewn to velcroed waistband, bikini top, garland of flowers around neck (lei) & around head or single flower in hair

ebay has a great selection whether as costumes or everyday such as shalwar kameez.

cartoon arab for around the world partycartoon cowboy for around the world party








Party Food

Spring rolls (Thailand)
Lettuce, chicken & red pepper tortillas cut in half (Mexico)
Cucumber & hummas mini pitta breads (Greece)
Cheese & tomato pizza (Italy)
Tortilla chips & carrot sticks with red pepper dip (South America)
Edam cheese chunks & grapes on sticks (Holland & Spain)

Ice-cream (China/Italy) with selection of fruit pieces from various countries & sprinkles
Cupcakes with a different flag on each or a globe cake with flags or the names of countries iced on

Ribena (England)
Orange juice (Spain)
Coca-Cola (America)

Put a label with the name of the country & a picture of their flag next to each dish.  turkish flag for around the world party

Around The World Party Games

Flags – split the children into teams. Give each team a piece of paper with a list of countries on & a row of corresponding flags along the bottom. The first team to match the flags to the countries correctly, wins.

Anagrams –  give the children a list of countries where the letters for each country have been jumbled up. Working in teams or pairs, see if they can work out the correct names.

Culinary Knowledge – one for older children. See if they can match pictures or a list of dishes such as curry, pitta bread & rhubarb crumble to a list of countries. To make it harder, don’t include the list of countries & see if they can guess.

Passport Control – have different sections of the room decorated as different countries. Have a game or activity relating to that country at each area. The children are given a passport & wander around the room visiting each country. Having taken part in the activity, they are then given a stamp or sticker in their passport for that country. If there isn’t much space, the activities could be done en masse at a central table.


Around The World Party Bags

Cupcake with flag on top in icing
World flag stickers
Book with story from another country
Flags of the World sticker book
Inflatable globe

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