Apple Day


21st October

The first Apple Day celebration was launched in 1990 by Common Ground. It was held in the old Apple Market in London’s Covent Garden & brought fruit to the market after a 16 year absence. Since then, similar events have been held around the country to raise awareness of the importance of orchards to our landscape & culture & also the origin and traceability of food.
Hundreds of orchards have been lost over the years & we import far more apples than we should have to. See if you can find out some of the old varieties local to you & get munching – after all, apples are one of the best healthy, cheap & portable snacks.

Invite friends round for your very own Apple Day.

Hold it in the garden in coats & wellies or cosy up indoors.


calvados roasted pork & apple sauce wraps
Waldorf salad

apple pie & custard with cream

apple juice

If just serving light refreshments, apple cake & toffee apples are always popular.


Apple Bobbing

Three-quarters fill a washing up bowl or similar receptacle with water. Cover an area of floor or table with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth & place the bowl on top. Put some apples in the bowl leaving plenty of room for them to bob around. Get guests to take it in turns to try & get an apple out of the bowl, just using their mouth – hands should be held behind the back. Stalks can be taken off the apples beforehand if you want to make it really difficult. Once the apple is out of the water, hands can then be used to eat it normally.

Have some towels handy!

Call My Bluff

Try a version of the popular quiz using the names of apple varieties. There are some very strange ones around.

Read out the names of 2 apple varieties & one made up one – add descriptions of the apples if desired. The guests must then guess which is the made up name & either shout out their answer for a quick version or write it on a piece of paper. Play several rounds, collect in & mark the answers & declare a winner.

Know Your Apples

Put up pictures of apples & number them. Provide a list of the apple variety names in a different order & label them alphabetically. Get guests to see how many names they can match to the pictures & write down on a piece of paper 1C, 2F, 3A etc. A prize for the most correct answers.

Apple Tasting

Buy a selection of apple varieties. Try & find unusual ones & preferably ones local to your area. Slice each variety into a bowl with a label & place around the room for people to taste.


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